Bill Johnson, False Teacher


Bill Johnson, the self proclaimed “apostle”, continues to spread heresy whenever he can!

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At 1:02 in the video, Bill Johnson says, “You can only give away what you have. Can God give away sickness? No, he’s not sick. You can’t give cancer if you don’t have it.”

According to the Bible:

Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord.

But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup.

For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself if he does not judge the body rightly.

For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep. (1 Corinthians 11:27-30)

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Vatican: “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community”


Posted by Tim Brown

Homosexuality has been the political battering ram of the opposition to God’s law and freedom in the past 25 years in America. More recent the sodomites’ attempt at redefining marriage has been used as the weapon of choice. Now, theliberal leaning Pope Francis and his Roman ecclesiastical hierarchy have stepped in it again, this time with homosexuality. The Pope’s recent synod led to a document, in which bishops said they should focus on the positive aspects that sodomites have in the church.

This Pope has attacked capitalism, embraced Islam and many have suggested he has laid groundwork for a one world religion. While they did not endorse homosexual sex and the redefining of marriage openly, the bishops did indicate that sodomites have “positive aspects” to offer Christians.

The Guardian reports:

The document, known as a relatio post disceptationem, received applause when it was read aloud in the synod hall after a week of discussions, due to continue this week. It does not contain any decisions but offers a significant idea of the gathering’s direction of travel. Some Vatican observers said its change in tone on homosexuality and cohabitation was remarkable.

“The document published today by the synod of bishops represents an earthquake, the ‘big one’ that hit after months of smaller tremors,” wrote John Thavis, author of The Vatican Diaries. “The document clearly reflects Pope Francis’s desire to adopt a more merciful pastoral approach on marriage and family issues.”

Referring to the increasing numbers of people choosing to live together before marriage, or to have civil weddings, the bishops spoke of the need to see “the constructive elements” in those options while not viewing them as an equal substitute for Christian marriage. “In such unions, it is possible to grasp authentic family values or at least the wish for them,” they noted.

In a passage entitled “welcoming homosexual persons”, the bishops said that although the church could not support gay marriage, it needed to explore ways of making gay people feel included. “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities?” the document says.

OK, let’s be clear, there can be true Christians who may be tempted with homosexuality. They can be cleansed of their sins and still battle those temptations (1 Cor. 6:9-11). However, there can be no unrepentant homosexual who can truly be called a Christian.

I, as well as all Christians, welcome all repentant people who have formerly engaged in homosexual acts. However, that is vastly different than receiving those that continue to practice homosexuality and expect to be accepted into the community of believers. May such a thing never be!…. but it is being welcomed, instead ofbeing dealt with.

“Often they wish to encounter a church that offers them a welcoming home,” the document continues. “Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?”

No! The communities of believers are not to do that. Are they capable? Sure, they are, but only sinfully, not biblically. There is no “value” in same-sex attraction. It is evil in the sight of God. Even worse is carrying the “vile affections,” as the apostle Paul calls them in Romans 1, to their logical conclusion of physical acts. They are a sign of God’s judgment, not His love and approval.

“Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions,” the report adds, “it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners.”

No, it adds to their damnation. They should be called to repentance, not acceptance. This is a major problem in the professed church in America where pastors are too cowardly to call out sin anddemand that those in attendance repent of it.

“The synod is clearly listening to the complex, real-life experiences of Catholics around the world, and seeking to address them with mercy, as Jesus did,” James Martin, a Jesuit author, told the Associated Press. He also called the document a “stunning change” in the way the Roman Catholic Church spoke about sodomites.

Well, I’m no friend of the Roman Catholic Church, their councils or their Popes. I love the RCC people though, and want them to know the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves and I believe there are many in the RCC that reject Roman dogma and have embraced the true gospel. Some of my contributors at Freedom Outpost can attest to my thoughts regarding that fact. In fact, I have pointed out to many that our Reformation fathers were Roman Catholic and attempted to reform the RCC, but eventually had to separatefrom it. The RCC has its own problems, but this is not helping it.

The true church must stand up and declare that such admissions, as those posed by this synod, are an abomination in the sight of God and call these men to repent for the health and spiritual well-being of men everywhere, and that they would demonstrate a love for men that flowed from a love of God and His Word, which condemns the very behavior they seem willing to embrace.

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On [the September 11, 2014] “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program, Rick Joyner recounted the eight hours he spent in Heaven recently, as well as the regular face-to-face encounters he has been having with Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, and the Prophet Elijah.

During his recent visit, Joyner learned that there is no Ebola virus in Heaven and that Christians are capable of taking authority over the disease here on earth. In fact, there are certain people who are given “total authority over Ebola,” allowing them to cure people infected with the disease simply by being in their presence.

“Somebody with Ebola, they come into the room, the Ebola is gone,” Joyner said. “That person is healed. It cannot live, cannot exist in their presence.” All Christians will one day have this same power, Joyner said, revealing that he even had a vision of children clearing entire regions of radiation simply through prayer.

[TBC: It is instructive when a secular group such as "Right Wing Watch" shows concern regarding the false teaching of individuals such as Rick Joyner. Yet, the concern of believers seems muted when Joyner makes such outrageous and unbiblical claims. In Wandering Stars: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets, Keith Gibson points out that Joyner in Overcoming Evil in the Last Days "impugns the motives of those who would dare to be concerned about false teaching creeping into the church, and writes, 'Although this spirit usually comes in the guise of protecting the sheep, the truth, or the Lord's glory, it is an evil, critical spirit that will always end up causing division and destruction'." (Overcoming Evil in the Last Days, 2003 Destiny Image Publishers, pp. 144-45).]

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Dutch politician Geert Wilders: “Recognize that Islam Is the Problem”

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

Geert Wilders, in his parliamentary debate in the Netherlands:

Madam Speaker, actually I was expecting flowers from you. I am celebrating an anniversary these days. Exactly ten years and two days ago, I left a party whose name I cannot immediately remember. During these ten years and two days. I have been much criticized. Most importantly for always saying the same thing.

My critics are right. Indeed, my message had been the same during all these years. And today, I will repeat the same message about Islam again. For the umpteenth time. As I have been doing for ten years and two days.

I have been vilified for my film Fitna. And not just vilified, but even prosecuted. Madam Speaker, while not so many years ago, everyone refused to broadcast my film Fitna, we can today watch Fitna 2, 3, 4 and 5 daily on our television screens. It is…

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Islamic State behead, mutilate, rape, enslave and massacre exactly as the Koran instructs – emulating the Prophet of Islam

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-49-23A book that guides, and a sword that aids. The self-appointed Caliph of IS describes the Koran.ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-51-53.

Islamic State beheads, mutilates as the Koran instructs

Obama, Cameron et al say Islamic State are just a bunch of barbarians, not real Muslims. But as they behead and mutilate “infidels” they’re only doing what the Koran and the Prophet instructs

Their fate was sealed in the Koran


by Raymond Ibrahim, 23 September 2014 07:23

To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its “infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses—and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to the Koran and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The Koran exhorts believers to “Fight them [those who oppose Islam], Allah will torment them with your hands, humiliate them, empower you over them, and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts” (Koran…

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Abusing The “Sheeple”

Abusing the Sheeple

The despicable 1st Class people of the church

By Jim Allen

The opening scene of a video shows an elderly white lady sitting down next to a black man in economy class on an airliner. The camera closes in to capture her dreadful facial expression when she realizes her hapless seat assignment is not at all to her liking. At first opportunity she asks the passing stewardess, “Will you please find me another seat?” The stewardess politely responds by saying, “I’m afraid the economy class is overbooked.” Visibly shaken the elderly lady snarls, “I’m sorry but I’m not going to travel beside a black…Do Something!”

The startled stewardess responds, “I’ll speak with the captain.” Returning a few minutes later the stewardess says, “The captain found a seat in 1st class and apologizes because it’s unbelievable a passenger would need to travel beside such a despicable person.” The elder lady crinkles a smile and a sigh of relief. The stewardess, turning to the black person said, “Sir, would you please follow me to 1st class!” (Source)
I love this video. It speaks to a spiritual truth like no other I know. Simply put, we are not to judge others less worthy than we (John 8:7)! While racial discrimination is bad enough, its practice is not just a white problem. Blacks and other races discriminate too. Discrimination, in any form, is a heart condition and a despicable thing.

The practice of judging others unfairly also applies to sex, age, and other forms of discrimination. But, there is another kind of despicable judging that is equally disturbing. It is alive and well in the church. It is a distinguishing trait from more leaders than I care to count. They are men and women of God who profess to be “anointed!” They believe God looks upon them as 1st class travelers having a “special up front seat” with God.

According to these anointed, common believers are lowly and mindless sheep that need to be guided and corralled for their own good, ready to serve the pastor and staff at every whim. Failing to answer the call by missing a meeting, performing a church duty, or putting a family need ahead of church priorities would cause leadership to label you as rebellious and backslidden. Worse yet, the 1st class anointed refer to laity as “sheeple,” dumb and rebellious animals unable to defend and fend for themselves. This is discrimination. This is un-Christ like. This is unnecessary and unprovoked putdown.

One recent example flows from prophetess Juanita Bynum who was videotaped unloading on the sheeple for daring to challenge their pastor’s authority over them.

Trudging across the platform in a flowing white gown, this leader shook her finger, berating those who would dare question the man of God in the pulpit. She said in a fit of frenzy, “God never gave you permission to correct your pastor…so sit down!…If the pastor says you can do it, you can’t do it!”

As expected, many clapped and praised Bynum for telling it like it was and giving these despicable sheeple (who would dare question the pastor) a well-deserved spiritual spanking. Of course, Jesus was not amused. He most assuredly does give the sheeple permission to question any spirit in the pulpit including the words of the prophetess.

While the Bereans would have been looked upon as sheeple, they would never have allowed themselves to be intimidated by self-anointed leaders. If the Bereans would have been told to sit down, they would have stood up! They would have challenged the finger shaking by searching the scriptures daily to see if these things were indeed true (Acts 17:11). The Apostle Paul said, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…” (2 Timothy 3:16).

The Bible never speaks about believers in a disparaging manner. Yes, there are verses for reproof, correction, and righteous instruction but never administered in an unloving way. “Paul saw the saints as gifted and knowledgeable. He had no interest in controlling, micromanaging, and babysitting them. He expected them to be spiritually-competent enough to exercise their spiritual gifts in decency and order (1 Corinthians 12,Romans 12:6-8).” (Source) The apostle John said test the spirits to see if they are from God (1 John 4:1-6):
The Lord used the metaphor of a Shepherd and His sheep to illustrate His protective nature, guidance, provision, tender care, oversight, and sacrificial love for us. The Lord calls us “sheep” as a term of endearment, not to imply that we are idiots, aloof, or simpletons. (Source)
Calling people sheeple displays a haughty attitude. Telling them to shut up is hardly an expression of endearment and compassion. Demeaning a believer or anyone is never okay (Galatians 6:1-3). What is more, the words “shepherd and sheep” are word-pictures showing a loving relationship in the form of guidance, care and protection availed to the flock (Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34, Matthew 25:31-33, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 2:25; 5:2-4). God looks upon us as children, works in progress with many lessons yet to learn along the way (Philippians 1:6).

Discrimination of this sort in the church is pride, a work of the flesh and a diabolical practice that hurts people and diminishes the cause of Christ. I have experienced these “1st class anointed” first-hand and openly attest to the loathsome influence they have on everyone.

In closing, these lofty souls who think they guide the sheeple to truth see themselves as deserving to fly 1st class. Sitting among the sheeple in economy class is not a fate they would ever welcome or imagine possible; and yet, this is where Jesus would sit (by choice) if on such a flight.

There is a message here. Fatefully and like the elderly white lady, Jesus would make sure these despicable (1st class) people get their full reward (Matthew 19:30). As for the economy class, those who belong to Christ will hear the Captain calling them forward to sit in 1st class, away from the abiding aloofness of despicable souls (John 10:27).

Note: The 1964 Civil Rights Act made it a crime to discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

Published 9-3-2014

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Moderate Islam isn’t what most Muslims believe. It’s what most liberals believe that Muslims believe.

cameron muslims


By Daniel Greenfield

I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be.

There is no moderate Islam in the mosques or in Mecca. You won’t find it in the Koran or the Hadiths. If you want to find moderate Islam, browse the newspaper editorials after a terrorist attack or take a course on Islamic religion taught by a Unitarian Sociologist wearing fake native jewelry.

You can’t find a moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but you can find it in countless network news specials, articles and books about the two homelands of their respective brands of Islam.

You won’t find the fabled land of moderate Muslims inthe east. You won’t even find it in the west. Like all myths it exists in the imagination of those who tell the stories. You won’t find a moderate Islam in the Koran, but you will find it in countless Western books about Islam.

Moderate Islam isn’t what most Muslims believe. It’s what most liberals believe that Muslims believe.

The new multicultural theology of the West is moderateIslam. Moderate Islam is the perfect religion for a secular age since it isn’t a religion at all.

Take Islam, turn it inside out and you have moderateIslam. Take a Muslim who hasn’t been inside a mosque in a year, who can name the entire starting lineup of the San Diego Chargers, but can’t name Mohammed’s companions and you have a moderate Muslim. Or more accurately, a secular Muslim.

An early generation of Western leaders sought the affirmation of their national destinies in the divine. This generation of Western leaders seeks the affirmation of their secular liberalism in a moderateIslam.

Even if they have to make it up.

Without a moderate Islam the Socialist projects of Europe which depend on heavy immigration collapse. America’s War on Terror becomes the endless inescapable slog that the rise of ISIS has once again revealed it to be. Multiculturalism, post-nationalism and Third World Guiltism all implode.

Without moderate Muslims, nationalism returns, borders close and the right wins. That is what they fear.

If there is no moderate Islam, no moderateMohammed, no moderate Allah, then the Socialist Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has to go in the rubbish bin. The grand coalitions in which LGBT activists and Islamists scream at Jews over Gaza aren’t the future; they’re the Weimar Republic on wheels.

Flash back to Obama in his tan suit wearily saying that he has no strategy for ISIS. The original plan was to capture Osama alive, give him a civilian trial, cut a deal with the moderate Taliban and announce the end of the War on Terror before the midterm elections.

So much for that.

Moderate Islam is a difficult faith. To believe in it you have to disregard over a thousand years of recorded history, theology, demographics and just about everything that predates 1965. You have to ignore the bearded men chopping off heads because they don’t represent the majority of Muslims.

Neither does Mohammed, who did his own fair share of headchopping.

The real Islam is a topic that non-Muslims of no faith who hold sacred only the platitudes of a post-everything society are eager to lecture on without knowing anything about it.

Their Islam is not the religion of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, the Caliphs or its practitioners in such places as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Indonesia. Their Islam is a religion that does not exist, but that they fervently believe must exist because without it their way of life is as doomed as the dodo.

They aren’t Muslims. They have no faith in Allah or the Koran. Instead they have faith in the goodness of an Islam that exists without resort to scriptures, theology or deity. This may seem strange to actual believers, but after all their own poor tattered scraps of Christianity or Judaism don’t bother paying too much attention to deities or scriptures except when it comes to cherry-picking quotes about tolerance.

Is it any wonder that they treat Islam the same way?

The true moderate Muslims are secular liberals of loosely Christian and Jewish persuasion who have invented and believe in a moderate Islam that doesn’t exist outside of their own heads. This secular Islam, which values all life, is dedicated to social justice and universal tolerance, is a counterpart of their own bastardized religions. And they are too afraid to wake up and realize that it doesn’t exist.

When American and European leaders insist that Islam has nothing to do with the latest Islamic atrocity, they are not referencing a religion practiced by Muslims, but an imaginary religion that they imagine Muslims must practice because the alternative is the end of everything that they believe in.

Their moderate Islam is light on the details, beyond standing for social justice, fighting Global Warming and supporting gay rights, because it is really multiculturalism wearing a fake beard. When aWestern leader claims that the latest batch of Islamic terrorists don’t speak for Islam, he isn’t defendingMuslims, he’s defending multiculturalism. He assumes that Muslims believe in multiculturalism because he does.

Moderate Islam is just multiculturalism misspelled. Its existence is a firm article of faith for those who believe in multiculturalism.

Dissuading a believer in moderate Muslims from his invented faith by citing the long trail of corpses or the hateful Hadiths that call for mass murder is futile because these are not the roots of his religion. He doesn’t know what a Hadith is nor does he care. As a social justice man in good standing, he attributes the violent track record of Islam to European colonialism and oppression.

He has never read the Koran. He has read a thousand articles about how Muslims are oppressed at the airport,in Gaza, in Burma and in Bugs Bunny cartoons. They are his new noble savages and he will not hear a word against them. Having colonized their identities in his imagination (despite the marked up copy of Edward Said’s Orientalism that he keeps by his bedside) he treats them as reflections of his ego.

When you say that moderate Muslims don’t exist, you are calling him a bad person. When you challenge Islam, you are attacking multiculturalism and he will call you a racist, regardless of the fact that Islam is as much of a race as Communism, Nazism or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club were races.

The moderate Muslim is an invention of the liberal academic, the secular theologian, the vapid politician and his shrill idiot cousin, the political activist. Like the money in the budgets that underpin their plans and the scientific evidence for Global Warming, he does not exist.

And it is not necessary that he should exist. It is only necessary that we have faith in his existence.

The degraded lefty descendants of Christians and Jews wait for a moderate Muslim messiah who will reconcile the impossibilities of their multicultural society by healing the conflicts between Islam and the West. Until they find him, they have to believe, not in a divinity, but in the moderate Muslim.

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