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The Angola “Crusades” Continue! Mosques Destroyed! Qur’ans Burned!

Angola Continues To Close Down Mosques, And Now Burns Qurans November 29, 2013 in General By Theodore Shoebat A recent report has come out saying that the Republic of Angola has closed down or destroyed most mosques in its country, and … Continue reading

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Irish respond to muslim invasion

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:
A violent letter has been sent to the mosques and schools of Ireland. We at FOTM do not support violence, but are aware of muslim intimidations against all free people. Some Irish have…

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Originally posted on The Dirty Lowdown:
________________________________________ CRIME AND SELF-DEFENSE * Roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms. * A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households…

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Why Should We Believe in the Inerrancy of Scripture?

by Brian Edwards Introduction “You don’t really believe the Bible is true, do you?” The shock expressed by those who discover someone who actually believes the Bible to be without error is often quite amusing. Inevitably, their next question takes … Continue reading

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There is a predestination of some particular persons to life and some to death

Originally posted on Reformedontheweb's Blog:
Chapter II WHEREIN THE DOCTRINE OF PREDESTINATION IS EXPLAINED AS IT RELATES IN GENERAL TO ALL MEN. Thus much being premised with relation to the Scripture terms commonly made use of in this controversy,…

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Charles Spurgeon – The warning neglected

“He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him.” Ezekiel 33:5 Suggested Further Reading: Haggai 1:1-6 Men have got time. It is the want…

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IDIOCY ALERT!!! The Pope says the Qur’an Is Opposed To EVERY Form Of Violence! What Is This Guy Smoking???

Pope Francis: “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence” No one would even be interested in this question were it not for the abundant evidence to the contrary: the daily … Continue reading

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