Moore of Babylon – can we get an amen?

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The Moore of Babylon? It’s not uncommon these days to use ‘click bait’ titles to grab the attention of the reading audience – however is this article title a warning of things to come? As the title suggests, the topic is Beth Moore (and her fellow NARpostles). We explore the possibility that her ministry is closely aligned with ‘the whore of Babylon, a world system controlled by the Antichrist during the last days before Jesus’ return’?

Revelation 17 goes into great detail about this evil system, a system that has been historically identified as Catholicism (and it’s interesting to note the links between the New Apostolic Reformation and the NARismatic members of the Catholic Church).

To begin, we point our readers to a 2017 Charisma Magazine article written by J. Lee Grady promoting Beth Moore.

How Beth Moore Is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire

The New Apostolic Reformation and the MCU:

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