BSSM – soaking, declaring and spinning into delusion.


Rick Becker once again warns believers of the greatest enemy of the cross, false teachers, specifically those at BSSM – Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Rick writes:

BSSM – soaking, declaring and spinning into delusion

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry is a risky business.  Students are “taught” how to heal, and are encouraged to “take risks” which really means to ignore the boundaries clearly laid out in scripture.  BSSM is simply a school of ‘simony’ that is producing thousands of severely deluded ‘revivalists’ who believe that they are a part of a mighty end time army that will usher in the kingdom of God.  Two of our previous posts exposed their false teachings and methodology:

The fruits of Bethel church – ashamed of the gospel, flirting with the occult.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry – Normalizing Mysticism.

In this post we continue to expose the delusion in operation at the…

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It is Okay to Call Christians Bigots But Don’t You Dare Criticize Islam: Tommy Robinson is Proof of That

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

“Where is Tommy Robinson?  A question whose answer should be demanded rather than merely asked. We all know where Prince Harry is but not where Tommy, arrested Friday outside a court in Leeds, England, is. Modern day Merry England has become far more nightmare than fairytale, as it steadily works its way toward ugly police state status.” source

Who would have ever thought that speaking Truth would become a crime, but not just any crime; a crime so hideous and unthinkable, that the person is arrested and incarcerated with NO due process of law.  He had no chance of calling anyone, or asking for a court appointed attorney. The judge even ordered the press to keep quiet about the arrest.  The world now waits to see if Tommy Robinson is even alive.

Tommy Robinson was sentenced by the political authorities in London to 13 months in Jail.  His crime?  Reporting on…

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The Mailbag: What did you think of Beth Moore’s “A Letter to My Brothers”?

Michelle Lesley

Readers- Before commenting on this article, please familiarize yourself with my comments/e-mail/social media policies and my responses to objections about warning against false teachers. I will not be publishing any comments or responding to any e-mails that are covered by said policies or article.

Did you see Beth Moore’s recent blog post “A Letter to My Brothers“? What do you think about what she said?

The first thing you need to know about Beth Moore, if you don’t already, is that she is a false teacher who is living in current, unrepentant sin. She teaches false doctrine and twists Scripture to scratch the itching ears of her followers. She sinfully and rebelliously preaches to men, and she yokes in “ministry” with false teachers. These are not my personal opinions, these are verifiable facts. (See my article Five Reasons It’s Time to Exercise Moore Discernment for…

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New Apostolic Reformation Information Links

Reasoned Cases for Christ


The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a dominionist movement. NAR doctrine also asserts that God is restoring the lost offices of church governance, namely the offices of Prophet and Apostle.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a title coined by Charles Wagner to describe a movement that seeks to establish a fourth house within Christendom (distinct from Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodox Christianity).

Leading figures in this seemingly loosely organized movement claim that these Prophets and Apostles alone have the power and authority to execute God’s plans and purposes on earth. They believe they are laying the foundation for a global church, governed by them.

They place a greater emphasis on dreams, visions and extra-biblical revelation, than they do on the Bible, claiming that their revealed teachings and reported experiences (e.g. trips to heaven, face-to-face conversations with Jesus, visits by angels) are all valid means by which God is revealing a new…

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A.W. Pink's Blog


A.W. Pink
“Men imagine the Most High is moved by sentiment, rather than by principle. They suppose His omnipotency is such an idle fiction that Satan can thwart His designs on every side. They think that if He has formed any plan or purpose at all, then it must be like theirs, constantly subject to change. They openly declare that whatever power He possesses must be restricted, lest He invade the citadel of man’s free will and reduce him to a machine. They lower the all-efficacious atonement, which redeems everyone for whom it was made, to a mere remedy, which sin-sick souls may use if they feel so disposed. They lessen the strength of the invincible work of the Holy Spirit to an offer of the Gospel which sinners may accept or reject as they please.The god of this century no more resembles the Sovereign…

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Democrat bill to ban public expression of Biblical morality passes California assembly

And you thought it couldn’t happen here in the “religion-protected” USA.


Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties

I hate California, and would never live there. I would never pay money to Sacramento Democrats to waste it on their secular, socialist priorities.

California is banning the free speech rights of Christians. That’s not my headline, that’s sensible David French in National Review:

[…][T]he California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality.

Yes, ban the sale of books.

Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

The bill then defines “sexual orientations change…

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Does Sozo practice demonic exorcism on Christians?….. Yes.


Here’s an excellent article by Memory victim, who has lost much, God bless you for your faithfulness and thank you for sharing.

A year ago, I purchased the book, “SOZO, Saved – Healed – Delivered” by Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher, but didn’t begin reading it until these recent posts regarding demonic deliverance and sozo. I don’t like reading this material.

It is gut wrenching for me to read this book knowing that I lost my daughter 13 years ago to this very teaching and program espoused by these two authors—and I would literally rather take a severe beating than to read any of it and I cannot express how oppressive it is for me to do so. It is near maddening to see this book unchallenged and riddled with the same classic repressed memory therapy that stole my daughter from me. To refer to it as ‘classic’ is…

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