The Unbiblical (and Common!) Way to Handle Reports of Abuse in the Church

The Reformed Reader In their helpful book on abuse in the church, Jeff Crippen and Anna Wood give an outline of what typically (and sadly!) happens when a victim goes to her pastor for help.  In other words, the following is an outline of how abuse is sometimes swept under the rug in Christian churches.  Why am I posting this?  Basically, I want Christians (especially elders and pastors) to be aware that abuse can and does hide in churches.  I also want to point out this helpful resource for those needing some guidance on the topic of abuse in the church.  (Note: since victims of abuse are often women, the authors use a woman in this example, but they make it clear elsewhere that sometimes men are the victims as well).  I’ve edited a bit for the purpose of this blog:

1) Victim reports abuse to her pastor.
2) Pastor does not believe…

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1 Response to The Unbiblical (and Common!) Way to Handle Reports of Abuse in the Church

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Sobering. Every young pastor should read this and think about the scenario. We had a guy who came to our church with this kind of background; in the end he left because he was annoyed that we didn’t believe him that he was innocent but then we see him harsh to his wife all the time. I still wonder about how the wife is doing though…we must tolerate men who speak so spiritually but are a different person with their wife.

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