On the Loneliness of The Remnant (Comfort and Encouragement)


Phyllis Nissila

pulic domain flower in cementA fellow blogger over at closingstages.net has posted two recent, eloquently written commentaries [1] on his feelings over leaving the institutional church, at least the institutional church that has shifted from, these are my words, the Rock of Ages to Whatever Rocks Your World and/or that increasingly promotes the “words” of some Church CEO over the Word of God.

     I align with the blogger’s feelings and his concerns and those of others’ of like mind and heart, and I have begun to think of our day in Church history as another “Remnant Time.”

     Remnant Time?

     Historically, believers reduce to a remnant when due to outside pressures or “inside” convictions they, few at first, find it necessary to separate themselves from what has become or what is becoming of the man-made institution known as “the church” because of the encroachment of false teaching.

     I say…

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2 Responses to On the Loneliness of The Remnant (Comfort and Encouragement)

  1. pnissila says:

    Thank you for reblogging my post. My small fellowship group and I have been discussing this issue, lately. When I read Mike Rogers’ posts on the same topic on closingstages.net, I realized perhaps this is a “word of comfort” from the Holy Spirit today to all who are contending for the truth, and so I shared my heart, too.

    I hope you who read this are encouraged and comforted. God was never too concerned, it seems, about numbers. Consider the winnowing of the troops in Gideon’s day down to 300. Consider the twelve. Consider one Jewish girl in a king’s throne room who saved a nation.

    Consider The One on the cross.

    We serve a mighty God.

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