Rick Warren Outdoes King Narcigete Steven Furtick?


ChurchWatch Central

Rick Warren recently published an article titled, “Personalize God’s Word to Change Your Life.” Read the archived article here:

Personalize God’s Word to Change Your Life

Pulpit & Pen have reviewed how dangerous Rick Warren and his teaching is:

Rick Warren: Replace Words in the Bible to Make it All About You

This past Monday, October 23rd, 2016 false teacher, Rick Warren started promoting what he calls the “personalize-it method” of Bible meditation. In other words, this could be summed up as the “Narcissistic method” of Bible interpretation. At Rick Warren’s Daily Hope website under the devotional section Rick Warren explains:

“Put your name in the text, and you’ll strengthen your faith and encourage yourself.”

Is this biblical? Should we be substituting our names in place of pronouns or nouns that we already find in the Bible? The short answer is —NO!  In the Word of God,  we find…

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