Rick Warren caught red-handed stealing money from Christians

The tithing doctrine is a Health And Wealth (HAW) heresy. It forces people to give money they don’t have to those preaching it and tempts the giver to try and earn God’s blessing and favour. The HAW heresy relies on another HAW heresy known as the First Fruits Giving (FFG) heresy and also the Kingdom First Principle (KFP). The KFP teaches that you must put God first in a certain area in your life so God can change it or bless it.

In the article below, Purpose Driven Life cult leader Rick Warren claims that Christians must put God first to receive God’s blessing. The truth is we are already blessed through Christ, His death and resurrection through the blessings that flow from His finished work on Calvary. What part of the gospel does Rick Warren not understand? The Christian relies on Christ’s work, not our own. His good message on blessing is no good…

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2 Responses to Rick Warren caught red-handed stealing money from Christians

  1. BBG says:

    have you read Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips; authors have a section where they name corrupt leaders; they need to list more, Rick Warren in the mix, read book in entirety because it’s one of the best history books on the U.S. which we never hear about or learned in school like “the planned destruction of america by dr. james w. wardner; marketing of evil and his other reads by david kupelian, our stolen future by theo colburn, plague by judy mikovits/b.h.
    dick sutphen’s article on christian brainwashing is new age; what the false church leader’s are doing. Thieves by Trey Smith was a sorry read and the majority of them are run like “don’t call me brother by austin miles. BIBLE ISN’T GOING FORTH IN ANY OF THESE MOVEMENTS/REGIMES LET alone humility, repentance, prayer (preying on the people more like). People aren’t judging fruit, content to tithe, attend and throw money at these used car salesmen selling and your getting their god, their jesus and their unholy spirit and also wonder how many are started by lucerifian regimes/funding? We’re NOT researching where they got their seed money to get started, their backgrounds, if Mason’s. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit doesn’t get any money as people are building their empires. Know of a reporter investigating major name that is a warlock (what an empire he built and a very homosexual, child molesting regime.

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