HERESY ALERT!! Russell Moore, Andy Stanley, and their Identical Cultural Worldviews

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Sadly, the greatest defenders of Russell Moore today tend to be those who hold the mantle, “Reformed.” For many, a mere association with Albert Mohler is enough to buy all sorts of accusational immunity. For others, who haven’t noticed The Gospel Coalition turning into The Social Gospel Coalition over the last couple years, Russell’s association with that organization paints him with controversy Teflon. While I never understood the prolific urban legend that the man is Reformed or a Calvinist (he very explicitly – by his own admission – is not), those adopting the label defend him vigorously as though he were on the team. The support for Moore by conservative evangelicals and particularly those on Team Calvin really is quite bizarre, and equally unhelpful.

Just a refresher.

Russell Moore has called Jesus (not the Jesús from Juarez, the one from Nazareth) an illegal alien and called a border wall a “golden…

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