Wise as Serpents: Does the Christian Still Have an Evil Heart? (Part 24 of Sermon Series)

Question: Does the Christian, a regenerate person, a truly justified person, still have an evil heart?
Answer: NO!

A Cry For Justice

Question: Does the Christian, a regenerate person, a truly justified person, still have an evil heart?  Lots of professing Christians reply to that question is, “Oh yes! Absolutely! The Christian still has an evil heart.”

We want to show you how that erroneous idea is being taught, and the devastating effect on people’s lives because of getting the answer to that question wrong.

Let us give you an example of some fogginess in teaching regarding the nature of the heart of the Christian. This is an example of a person who still has not come to clarity about the nature of justification and sanctification and who the Christian really is in Jesus Christ as a new creation.

The example we’re going to give is Leslie Vernick’s article Indicators of an evil and wicked heart (22 Jan 2015). It is actually quite a good article in that Vernick is recognizing that (1) not all sinners are the same…

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