A little stranger star

A Cry For Justice

wisemen little star no camels desert

Usually pictures show the wise men following a star that is nearly as bright and large as the moon. But this is sheer speculation: scripture doesn’t tell us anything about the size of the star. It merely tells us that wise men noticed the star when it rose and they somehow knew it signalled the birth of the king of the Jews. So they went to Israel, asked King Herod where the new king had been born, and when they had finished the interview with Herod the star “went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was.”

… behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” …

Then Herod summoned the wise men secretly and ascertained from them what time the star had appeared…

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