Worshiping marriage? — “The Ten Commandments of Marriage” — Discernment needed

A Cry For Justice

The most effective way to propagate a lie is to mix it with some truth. As Mary Poppins noted, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. However, in the case of many Christian bloggers, counselors, pastors or authors that provide marriage counseling, it is not medicine going down the throats of those that seek their advice, but pure arsenic mixed in with the sugar of Truth.

Mixing a bit of poisonous advice with scriptures implies an authority to that advice that it would not merit on its own. After all, for most Christians the words of the Bible are considered sacred, true, and something we strive to model our lives around. The genuine desire to please God, ignited in a believer’s soul when she first hears and responds to God calling her as His own may cause her to suspend a natural discernment when those around her…

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