Strangers with candy: Broadway couple defend their spiritual predators

ChurchWatch Central

We often have popular critics who oppose our sites and criticise us because of what we write on Hillsong. However, we need to acknowledge that it was one of our most popular critics who goes by the name of NewTaste that broke the story.

hillsong lgbtqi gay homosexual

Once again, this controversy falls straight onto the shoulders of Carl Lentz and Brian Houston. What are they going to say? It wasn’t the critics that broke the story, it was one of their own who vehemently DEFEND Hillsong.

Now that the news is out, Pulpit & Pen decided to address this controversy again on social media. Here is the dialogue between P&P and Reed Kelly.

P&P: Remember back when we were told folks talked to Lentz personally and he had “handled this”? Good times, Good times.

Reed Kelly:  um, are we not allowed to go…

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