Lana Vawser & Charisma Magazine’s “Whole New World” of stupidity

This is where “the slippery slopes” of heresy lead.
Be warned!

ChurchWatch Central

Lana Vawser is part of the notorious Elijah List and the Australian Prophetic Network.


For some reason, she thinks God spoke to her through the Disney song from Aladdin, “A Whole New World.” This is pure straight jacket material.

What makes this straight jacket material worse is that it was recignised and endorsed by Charisma Magazine.

Lana Vawser writes on FaceBook:

A whole new world” prophetic word the Lord gave me was posted in Charisma Magazine. I HAD to share this screenshot because I LOVED the caption they used. “Aladdin may be a fairytale but Jesus CAN and WILL open up a whole new world for you” 💖


Source: Lana Vawser, FaceBook,, Published 08:45, 13/10/2015. (Accessed 13/10/2015.)

Yes – someone actually wrote this. Yes. Charisma Magazine actually published this. This is NOT satire or parody. This is a tragedy because people BELIEVE IT.

Lana Vawser writes,

Wait for It: A Whole…

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