Who is God? Comparing Atheism, Theism, Deism, Pantheism, and Polytheism: A Closer Look


Note: Another post that may help with this topic is Who is the One True God? A Look at Prophecy as a Verification Test

Or, see Edward Feser’s post called “The one God Further Objection”

From my own experience I would say most discussions about God are centered around 5 “isms”- that being Atheism, Theism, Deism, Pantheism, and Polytheism. So le’ts take a look at some of the differences:


Christianity, Judaism, Islam, are all theistic faiths. One of the major areas of disagreement between these three faiths is the issue about the identity of Jesus. In Orthodox Christianity- Messianic Judaism, Jesus is both God and man/Jesus is an uncreated being. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah as foretold in the Tanakh (the acronym that is formed from the first three parts of the Hebrew Bible) the Torah (the first five books of the Bible)…

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