The world finally seeing Hillsong as a New Age movement

While Hillsong are protesting too much to the world that they are a “church” and a “a global movement,” media organisations are starting to call Hillsong for what it is: a New Age movement.

The fact is this: Hillsong is a dangerous New Age cult. And although the world would have difficulty understanding the difference between a church and a cult, they are starting to see that Hillsong is New Age. By doing this, media are doing Christianity a favor by isolating a counterfeit christian movement that is badly infecting Christianity.

hillsong new age occult gnostic

It doesn’t take much to see other religions being integrated within the Hillsong movement. For instance.

  • their Word of Faith heresy is straight from the New Age and metaphysical cult movemetns (see Rondha Byrne author of The Secret);
  • their secret Prosperity heresy and rites stem not from Christianity but from the New Age movement, witchcraft and ancient pagan idolatry (around Abraham’s day);
  • their leadership and…

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