Confederate Flag Madness

Zwinglius Redivivus

downloadPeople are in a shark-inspired feeding frenzy against the Confederate flag- evidently conveniently forgetting that every single flag ever created was a symbol despised by others.

Every flag draws boundaries and both includes and excludes.  If every flag that was seen in a negative light by someone were removed from society there would be no flags at all anywhere.

So, if the Confederate flag haters want it removed from every public space then so should every flag be.  Otherwise, it isn’t a symbol they wish removed, but a reality.  And that reality is- the South.

And, even if the flag is removed from every place it now appears, it will do nothing to solve the problem of racism.  The Flag Mad are attempting to cure cancer with a bandaid.  And only a fool does that.

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One Response to Confederate Flag Madness

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Good point; this whole “Let’s ban what we don’t like” is going all over the place and heading towards dangerous grounds

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