Bethel Redding’s Apostasy Seen in Its Ecumenism

Repent Bethel Redding

002_Vallotton_Catholic Priests23 hours after posting this image to his Facebook public figure page, Kris Vallotton’s post had garnered 3,127 “likes.” That’s at least 3,127 people on Facebook who are applauding Vallotton’s unbiblical, ecumenical efforts.

Vallatton boast of 1,500 “new believers” in France. What we don’t know is what these 1,500 souls are “believing.” If it’s Kris Vallotton’s gospel, then they’re still lost.

Vallotton also rejoiced that “many catholic priests” are present. They are not counted among the new converts, which, if they had truly come to genuine repentance and faith in the real Jesus Christ, would have been something over which to rejoice. Vallotton counts them as co-laborers, fellow ministers.

“Speaking to 1500 new believers in France. Very exciting. There are many catholic priest here joining us for ministry. Extreme favor! ‪#‎kvm‬”

If the Roman Catholic priests in question follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, they are not

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