Since It Is God’s Law…

The Reformed Reader

Product DetailsOur triune God has given us his law in Scripture.  Specifically, the Ten Commandments are at the heart of God’s law – summarized with the verb “love” (cf. Mt. 22:33-40).  Thomas Watson, thinking about God’s law and the preface to it (I am the LORD your God… [Ex. 20:1-2]), says because it is God’s law, several duties are enjoined upon us:

1) If God spoke all these words, then we must hear all these words.  The words God speaks are too precious to be lost.  As we would have God hear all our words when we pray, so we must hear all his words when he speaks.

2) If God spoke all these words, then we must attend to them with reverence.  Every word of the moral law is an oracle of heaven.  God himself is the preacher, which calls for reverence.

3) If God spoke all these…

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