While media blames Pamela Geller for 1,400 years of Jihad, ISIS share her personal address on Twitter

She is one of the most courageous women in America today!

The Muslim Issue

This is absolute insanity. Pamela Geller is being blamed for receiving Muslim death threats. Muslims have been threatening to behead people for 1,400 years, long before Pamela Geller ever existed. If the government doesn’t protect Geller – then they won’t protect anyone else either; your children, your family, your future, and the would deserve nothing but violent opposition. The vile and revolting dhimmitude the media has shown to this topic, trying to imply that Geller is somehow responsible for the attempted Texas attack shows how delusional people are about Islam.

Pamela Geller did not invent Jihad. Jihad is 1,400 years old. It did not begin in Texas on May 3rd. Cartoons did not create Jihad. Islam created Jihad. There is nothing that we, non-Muslims, can do that does not offend Muslims. Being dressed without the black gallon sack is offensive to them. Democracy is offensive to them. Being friendly with…

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