Bill Johnson and “Friends” – The Third Wave movement

Sola Dei Gloria

This is an interesting article posted at Redding News:

Bethel’s ‘signs and wonders’ include angel feathers, gold dust and diamonds

Bethel Church has seen extensive growth over the past decade as the focus of the church has shifted to training people in prophecy, healing and other “supernatural gifts of God” taught under the leadership of Pastor Bill Johnson.

Though about half the estimated 2,200 people attending Bethel left when he took over in 1996, Johnson said now nearly every church service is full each week, including the Twin View campus and an overflow room, which could easily add up to more than 3,000 congregants.

Ask Johnson about the affiliations, goals and purpose of Bethel Church, and he’ll say the church has lots of “friends” who share in the pursuit of affecting the Earth with heaven, especially Pentecostals and those in the Association of Vineyard Churches.

Johnson said Bethel members…

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One Response to Bill Johnson and “Friends” – The Third Wave movement

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Grateful to see more materials exposing Bill Johnson

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