Our Religion: Occupied with Knowing God

This is so clear even a child could understand it.
Thank you!

The Reformed Reader

Product Details In one section of his three-volume work on Reformed theology (under ecclesiology), Francis Turretin explained what the Reformation was all about.  One question the Reformers faced was this: what is this that you are teaching?  Another question was this: what do you believe?  Turretin explains the basic truths the Reformers taught – truths they derived from Scripture alone.  Here is a summary of his words:

“Our religion is that which is wholly occupied with knowing the one and triune God, the Creator, preserver and Redeemer, and rightly worshiping him according to his command.  It gives the entire glory of our salvation to God alone and writes against man alone the true cause of his sin and destruction.”

“It is our religion which recognizes no other rule of faith and practice besides the sacred Scriptures; no other Mediator and head of the church than Christ; no other propitiatory sacrifice than his…

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