KJV and Orthodoxy

The Reformed Reader

Unfortunately, some Christians view Bible translation preference and use as a test of orthodoxy.  Probably the most notable example is the KJV-Only view.  Years ago I met a person who doubted someone could “get saved” by using the NIV; this person also believed that the most conservative Bible-believing Christians used the KJV.  From Baptist churches to Reformed churches, some people sadly make Bible translation a major issue and refuse to budge an inch.

In light of this discussion, I appreciate James White’s The King James Only Controversy (which I’ve blogged on before here, here, and here).  White rightly notes that Bible translation preference and use is a matter of Christian liberty:

“The use of a particular English translation of the Bible should come from one’s study of the relevant issues and from one’s involvement in the local fellowship of believers.  Many factors can, and should, go into…

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