Jericho Road Fundamentalist Church — by Gary W

A Cry For Justice

~~~Trigger Warning~~~

A student of theology, desiring to justify himself, said to his professor, a wise and Godly man in his 90’s, “And who is my neighbor?” The professor replied:

“At a time when nobody else appeared to be present, a young woman was walking through a remote corner of Jericho Avenue Park with her husband, a publicly charming predatory narcissist who had neither empathy nor conscience, but who was a prominent, highly respected, tithing church member. When the young woman meekly expressed an opinion that differed from her husband’s, he flew into a towering rage, verbally berating her, physically pummeling her, stripping her naked, forcing himself on her, and taking her phone, driver’s license, credit cards, check book, and cash. He then walked nonchalantly away, leaving her half dead.

“Now by chance a deacon had been observing this incident from behind a hedge. As a pretext for gazing on…

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One Response to Jericho Road Fundamentalist Church — by Gary W

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    A convicting contemporary rendition of the Good Samaritan!

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