Profoundly simple.
Why, even a child can understand it!


Feileadh Mor

This post was written and posted on a forum by Apologetic Warrior. The content is good, so good I thought I’d post it as a good introduction to the importance of understanding the sinfulness of man and the free-ness of grace.



Only one point of Calvinism need be true for the rest to fall into place. What I mean is, ULIP follows from the T. The Scriptural evidence and support for T is overwhelming, and many of the peeps in denial are biblical errantists and or deny Sola Scriptura. Though others could do a better job of demonstrating, I will attempt to bring attention to some of the connections between all of the five points.

U – necessary because of T. Election cannot depend on man, it must depend on God because man left to wallow in his nature, wills to sin in every choice.

L – necessary because…

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