Hillsong Heresy!!

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One Response to Hillsong Heresy!!

  1. Why allowed says:

    Hillsong church now led by Brian Houston, founder his father (Frank Houston ) has never made right all the child pedophile done by Frank. Been reading Donald Elley’s reports who refers to many sites. Been ignored and swept under carpet for years and lying how many victims?
    Google: Abused by name of pastor/leader and or name of church.
    People’s negative feedback on name of pastor/leader and people’s negative feedback name of church.
    Controversial articles name of pastor/leader and controversial articles name of church. In this case it would be Hillsong, Frank Houston, Brian Houston etc.
    Per one of Elley’s post, hillsong making sixty million a year and NOT making it right by all the victims. Research a matter and this is ok with all those attend and tithe, how sad.

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