Worth: Follow Your Feelings

Sparks of Reformation

Worth: Follow Your Feelings via wikipaintings.org

In what do we find our worth?

In other words, how do we define ourselves?

Do we define ourselves by our deeds and accomplishments? Do we define ourselves by our families? Our jobs? Our churches? Our words? Our God? Our character? Our vision? Our successes? Our failures? How do we define ourselves? What is that gives us a feeling of worth and of value?

Emotions are indicators–feelings are symptoms. If we learn to read our emotions and our feelings, we will be led to understand our thoughts. So…with an inquiring mind, follow your feelings with me for a moment and let us discover what it is that we truly think….

Ask why. Why is that you feel as you have done well when you have finished a job? Why is it that you feel discouraged and downcast at the end of the day, even when you have worked…

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