The False Gospel Of Hillsong (Part 1) – “Houston We Have A Problem” by Cameron Buettel

The Narrowing Path

But first, an introduction from The Narrowing Path…

This is the first article in a series written by Cameron Buettel of The Bottom Line blog back in 2010. These articles challenge the false teachings of Brian Houston’s ‘Hillsong Church’ in Sydney, Australia (now expanding around the world),and document Cameron’s efforts to address his concerns directly with Hillsong Church and its leadership.

The spiritually poisonous prosperity/word of faith/new age gospel, preached by Brian Houston and many of the illustrious pastors who speak at his Church and annual conferences, is spreading relentlessly throughout the world. The powerful influence of such churches on average, everyday churches and their pastors in Australia and abroad is often underestimated. There are countless churches whose pastors have modeled themselves and their preaching on Brian Houston (and for the ladies, Bobbie Houston).

Brian Houston, and the other church leaders he endorses, are leading many into…

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