Escaping Bethel Church, Bill Johnson and Jesus Culture

An in-depth testimony by M’Kayla Kelly, a former “Seer Prophet” tells her story and helps to expose the false teachings of Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson and others ( This interview was from Escape the Lie ( and she talks about her time in the false signs & wonders movement. Among the topics: Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, soaking prayer, healing rooms and more….

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5 Responses to Escaping Bethel Church, Bill Johnson and Jesus Culture

  1. Judy S says:

    Thank you for your site.
    I’ve also escaped the WOF Bethel druggy new age feeling movement. I started seeing things that I really didn’t agree with, and Todd Bentley’s behaviour and toke the ghost John Crowder is nothing but demonic and blasphemous, as well as very dangerous. In the church I belonged to (under bethel), I has to leave the service once because there was music playing for a fire tunnel that was nothing but demonic and made me feel sick and anxious.
    What I’m confused about is that the bible does say we will cast out demons, raise the dead, heal the sick etc. In Jesus’ Name, and that the will be signs and wonders. On the day of Pentecost the disciples were acting drunk, then how are people to tell the difference between what is false and what is not?

    • If you are clear on the context of the Scripture you are quoting, you will see Jesus was addressing the 11 Apostles prior to His ascension. Those miraculous things are not for anyone else. The office of Apostle ended with the death of John on the island of Patmos. Those supernatural, “Apostolic giftings” were meant to give the message of those men credibility. That is no longer necessary. The Gospel is true. It needs no supernatural sign to strengthen it’s truth. We have the Written Word of God to tell us and remind us of The Truth. It is sufficient.

  2. steve says:

    Happy someone is uncovering this stuff!

  3. JD says:

    Just for clarification: This gal, M’Kayla, never actually spent a length of time AT Bethel? She mentioned she went for the first time and didn’t go into the sanctuary or the prayer house. You’re taking HER as the authority when she hasn’t stayed there and been part of the family? She does not speak the truth.

    • JD, if M’Kayla or anyone else can read the whole counsel of God as found in the Bible, they can discern the heresies, apostasies, blasphemies and false teaching at any church, even Bethel.

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