recognising if you have been Bethelized.

The Bethelization Of Christianity.

Rooftops & Rafters

thank you to the person who placed this question through their search engine…     I think it   is a  very intelligent, specific question – much worthy of  a proper answer..  so here goes..

the first thing to say is that  “bethelization” if you will, is not  limited  by  to those exposed to Bethel church in one  form of  influence or another.  Remember that “Bethel” is just  a “shop front ”  for the exporting of the  RIVER MOVEMENT  which is found much further, wider & deeper than  just the reach of the one church…    Exploring what  being “bethelized” means in reality,  is the term we use on this blog  to try & give some clarity as  how these things affect people & churches..  &  yep, I did make up the term  “bethelized” those who have been in this   movement, will recognise  exactly what I mean by that  without any need of reading what I’m writing here but…

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