HERETICS: Calling a spade

Biblical Connection

False teacher John Piper False teacher John Piper who recently apologized to Rome and who proclaims baptismal salvation in his Catechisms as shown in an article linked below.

Ever heard of that old cliche “Calling a spade a spade”?

  1. Do you believe in adding to the Bible or taking away from it? Read the article at this link.
  2. Do you believe in salvation through baptism?  Read the article at this link.

If you do not believe in such things, then you should read the following article, because my assumption is that you will want to know who is doing both of these things. If you have no problem with adding to GOD’s word or diminishing it or preaching a false gospel of works such as baptismal salvation, then you need to read the above links and also examine those topics first.

I realize that the following article is full of “hard sayings” that many…

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