If GOP abandons Christian conservatives, the party is finished

Oh, so sadly true…

Fellowship of the Minds

Steve Deace has a radio show that’s nationally distributed each weeknight from 9-Midnight EST by the Salem Radio Network.

Below is his searing article for Conservative Action Alerts. Highly recommend!


suicidal GOP

The Issue That Could Finish Off the Republican Party

By Steve Deace
February 26, 2014

The Republican Party is hanging by a thread.

As a long overdue, all-out civil war erupts, and the grassroots mounts an unprecedented effort to unseat many party establishment figures in the primaries, nobody in the GOP seems satisfied with the status quo. The ruling class is having a typical ruling class reaction to the insurgency—sneering condescension. Meanwhile, the grassroots wants the ruling class to go at all costs. Both sides are like a dysfunctional marriage that claims they’re nobly staying together for the kids, which usually means they’re only sticking around until a better deal comes along.

The [GOP] establishment showed in last year’s Virginia…

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One Response to If GOP abandons Christian conservatives, the party is finished

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Good article, thanks for sharing. Seriously it seems like the establishment in the Republican Party rather have their own political suicide than give Christian conservatives more rights in setting the agenda.

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