PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Role of ‘Self-Protection’ in the Process of Indoctrination

Knowing the truth of how “The Matrix” enslaves may set you free.

Well thought through and written!

The Oil for Your Lamp


Have you ever seen the movie, The Matrix?  If so, can you see it around you now?  In the series, people live in a fantasy world, an alternate reality they create which is designed to keep them docile and in willing submission to the illusion.  This way, they do not wake up and revolt against their robotic slave masters.  Well, we live in such a world.  It’s true.  This is not a ‘conspiracy’ theory, nor is it an over statement.  I know it is true because the people who have created it said it is true.  What’s more, they explained how they would create it and, once you read what they have said and take a look around, you will see the evidence of their success all around you.  Only those of us who are in tune with the intangible aspects of this universe that the majority deny exists…

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