Spurgeon’s Calvinism

Floating on Tiptoes

“Suppose a man in the street should say, “What a shame it is I cannot have a seat in the chapel to hear what this man has to say.” And suppose he says, “I hate the preacher—I can’t bear his doctrine—but still it’s a shame I have not a seat.” Would you expect a man to say so? No—you would at once say, “That man does not care for it. Why should he trouble himself about other people having what they value and he despises?” You do not like holiness, you do not like righteousness. If God has elected me to these things, has He hurt you by it? “Ah, but,” say some, “I thought it meant that God elected some to Heaven and some to Hell.” That is a very different matter from the Gospel doctrine. He has elected men to holiness and to righteousness and through that to Heaven…

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