Short Essay – Men, You Can No Longer Assume That A Woman Is “Good”, Just Because She’s A Woman!

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Business 1 Until Christian men stop being taken-in by women’s appearances and foolishly judging them based on their own personal standards of behavior, they are going to continue to get buried alive!

Hello! Today’s young women are NOT who you think they are! They may be well-dressed, highly educated, well-spoken and cosmopolitan but they are NOT your kind of woman. They are, in many cases, a modern-day version of “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, beautiful and charming on the outside and rotten-to-the-core on the inside. And it would serve Christian men well, to stop them in their tracks because they are out to get you! See my “Current EVEntS” posts for dozens of examples.

Most women under 60 are living lives defined by duplicity. They portray themselves in public as respectable, responsible, loving and sensitive, when in reality they have been trained by radical feminism to instead be banshees of irrational thinking, subliminally…

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