Because You Have Rejected Knowledge, I will Also Reject You : Boycott Of Israel, Antisemitism Or A West’s Grab For Power?


'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

The world has rejected the word of God, it has rejected God’s law’s and His words.  It has rejected it for a world governed by man and man’s laws.  The world is attempting to  force Israel to become a part of this.  It is forcing the middle east to become a part of this. PM Netanyahu reacts to the west’s attempt to force this false sense of peace and doctrine of man.

History is repeating itself.  Take a look at how WW2 started in Europe, with a shut down of Jewish businesses, a boycott of their services.  This is the same thing.  I agree with PM Netanyahu, this is eery in that the boycott of Jewish services and products are again surfacing on the shores of Europe.


The world has demonized Israel, what’s wrong with this picture?  Search the truth.  I read an op-ed yesterday about the middle east correspondents…

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