The Doctrines of Grace


Although also referred to as The Five Points of Calvinism, these are simply five key teachings found in the Bible that were written down as articles by the Synod of Dort in 1610. This was done to counter the five articles published by the followers of a man named James Arminius that were at variance with the Bible.

These five articles underline the vitally important truth that God is in control of all things, not man; that God is the source of salvation; and that men and women can do nothing to save themselves. They glorify God, not man, and emphasise our total dependence as guilty sinners on the mercy and grace of God for salvation. It is the belief of all those who have a presence on the GraceNet site that they form the foundation of true biblical Christianity.

 The Doctrines of Grace

1. Total Depravity

The Scriptures clearly…

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