The Bible is a Historical and Theological Primary Source

Church and the Side-lining of Jesus


Not too long ago a person identified as Drena (@vadess40 commented on a post entitled The Heretical Tsunami Coming to a Church Near You where an experience was shared of what took place in a local Mennonite Brethren church. 

After receiving the comment from Drena, I took a look around the internet and discovered that Drena referred to herself as a young theologian taking an MA on a Twitter feed which has now been removed from public viewing for whatever reason. It is this discovery along with her comment that has prompted me to write this post.

The comment lends credence to the viewpoint that some christian educational institutions have deviated so far from christian orthodoxy that they are embracing the emergent movementRather than turning directly to the Bible to substantiate doctrine, christian educators are turning to historical church movements to educate and articulate christian doctrine as though they…

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