Heresy!! Gnosticism In IHOP/NAR! (Bickle, Johnson, Vallotton, Hinn, Bentley, Wagner, Etc.)

The Truth: 
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It is time for a hefty dose of sanity and sobriety in the evangelical world. Those naïve evangelical leaders who are hot on the trail of fame and fortune by emulating and accompanying the IHOP/NAR leaders in these youth movements are playing with fire – strange fire. They are associating with a well-known cult with an historical record of teaching Gnostic mysticism and advocating endtime punitive violence.

In their 1995 book Strange Fire: The Rise of Gnosticism in the Church, which exposed the esoteric roots and fruits of the modern-day IHOP and NAR movements, Travers and Jewel van der Merwe warned about their faulty teachings about God’s “presence”:

When a high value is placed on personal experiences or revelations, Scriptures are then unscrupulously twisted and misquoted. We find those who believe the feelings of a congregation must be hyped up in order to “feel” the Presence of the Lord or else the church is thought to be “dead”. Instead of music being used to worship and glorify God, it is used as a means of “connecting” or “feeling” the Presence of God. If the “location” (or a feeling within) of God is not aroused and sensed, the Spirit is said to be either absent or bound. To counter this passive situation, worship is intensified, the devil is “bound” and certain forms of excitement are encouraged until “God’s Presence” is “felt”. Many times music is used as the conduit for the “feeling”. A popular slogan to advertise a certain music company is: “Feel the Presence of the Lord”. The church has been taken down this primrose path for so long that they equate the Presence of God with a certain feeling that they obtain by doing certain things. The “goose bumps” or the “warm fuzzies” or tears of comfort, is their way of “knowing” that God is present. So what this thinking boils down to is simply: “To know God’s Presence you must feel Him.” In actuality this is pure Gnosticism…. 

The Gnostic god is localised in a subjective experience, a soulish feeling of being in union with creation and God. It rejects the relationship with the Creator based on faith in His written Word….

[W]hen emotional feelings become the doctrine of God’s Presence, then God has been reduced to a “gnosis” form of Presence. For many, the doctrine of “knowing the Presence of God” is sought in a subjective experience. An emotional experience, especially a repetitive one during a worship service, if not kept in proper perspective or check, can lead to an altered state of consciousness in which the capacity for rational reasoning is greatly reduced. At this point the congregation is open to delusion and can be easily led astray. In many charismatic groups an altered state of mind is explained as “getting into the Spirit” or as a manifestation of the presence of God. Uncontrolled spiritual feelings transcend sound scriptural rationalism and give rise to the doctrine of “the Presence of God” built on an experience.[88] [emphasis added]

If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled,
and be not moved away from the hope of the Gospel,
which ye have heard…. 

(Colossians 1:23a)

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4. Graphic from article by Erik Eckholm, “Where Worship Never Pauses, New York Times, July 9, 2011. Caption beneath photo states: “Beau Million of Fort Smith, Ark., travels a few times a year to Kansas City, Mo., to worship for several weeks at a time at the International House of Prayer.” The article states that Bickle “been criticized by some pastors for what they describe as unorthodox theology and a cultish atmosphere, charges that Mr. Bickle rejects. Some former students said they had been expelled for questioning the fascination with mystical healings, prophesies, angels and demons.” He also wrote that “Some former students have complained that the sensory overload and isolation had left them unable to think for themselves, and that some leaders had urged them to avoid contact with skeptical parents.”
5. Event advertised by TheElijahList, August 20, 2013. The text of the ad says, in part,“Get ready to awaken the gifts and dreams that God has placed inside of you and learn how to walk them out in the power of the Spirit…. Every session has been designed to equip you to step into deeper dimensions of healing, faith and Holy Spirit-empowered ministry. ” [bold in original]
6. Graphic appearing in an article by Bill Bray, “The New Student Missions Revival and Indigenous Missions,” January 9, 2013. He wrote: “At the One Thing 12 conference in Kansas City, prayer went on day and night for Urbana 12 and observers agree with director Mike Bickle said that the prayer movement and the mission’s movement are merging into one.”
7. A poster that was for sale from Kansas City Fellowship two decades ago which depicts the “manchild” — a fair-skinned baby who represents the “New Breed” becoming “god-man.” We also posted this image here: 
8. Another item from the Kansas City Fellowship two decades ago. The military knight in armor holding a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, represents the “New Breed” that is born to become “Joel’s Army.” Note: Jewel (van der Merwe) Grewe shown these two graphic images (Exhibit 7 & 8) of the New Breed babies as exhibits in her many speeches over the years about the original KC Prophets. Discernment Ministries has on file the original documentation on this matter. We also posted this exhibit here: 
9. This exhibit is an incredibly graphic depiction of the doctrine of the Latter Rain, NAR and IHOP movements concerning a militant bride that conquers the earth before the return of Christ. This image of “The Warrior Bride” was contained in an e-mail advertisement from TheElijahList which was e-mailed on March 30, 2007, entitled “Warrior Bride Awaken.” It advertised the conference, which included “JOANNE MECKSTROTH, RENEE DUNCAN, VICKI STRICKLAND, HEIDI THOMASON, and WORSHIP by GODSONG: April 12-14, 2007; Lakeside, AZ .” Herescope published a post on this at the time at, but shortly after this, the image was removed from TheElijahList website. The original url was It is still on the “wayback machine” at: and we posted it here:
10. TheElijahList conference promo, July 27, 2010, “The Spirit and the Bride.” Its “purpose” is described: “This conference will release revelation, insights and keys to walk in greater intimacy with the Lord.  You will receive knowledge and prophetic understanding of the times we are in and the days of explosive acceleration that are just ahead. You will be equipped to walk with God in power for victorious exploits and harvest.” [emphasis added]
11. Chuck D. Pierce mailing, “Join us for THE ARK IS MOVING! (Sept 30 – Oct 2, Jacksonville, FL),” August 20, 2010. The text reads: “How will His Presence move in the earth in this hour in history? How will we move with His Presence? How will leaders lead? King David earnestly desired for the Ark of the Lord to be positioned in Jerusalem but his first attempt ended in failure! When He inquired of the Lord, he found heaven’s blueprint and safely moved it to Jerusalem and a location where a new form of worship was developed.” [emphasis added]

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