Best Refutation EVER of the Word of Faith Movements Power of Words/Confession Teaching

THE WORD on The Word of Faith (a GroupBlog)

We now have 5 “classes” or “teaching series” for the Word of Faith Movement on this blog and this is the best one. This video series will destroy anyone’s belief that “words are containers of power!”

During these six thirty minutes classroom sessions, Tim Martin of does an outstanding job. This portion, of a larger video teaching series on the WoF, focuses on the WoF Power of Words/Positive Confession doctrine. Do words have power in the sense that they are influential or do they have magic like creative powers? One is Christianity and the other is Witchcraft (see this post to learn the WoF is Witchcraft veiled in Christian terms). Tim looks at many of the verses the WoF teachers take out of context to make it seem like words have magic power. He also looks at the real definition of faith and how God used faith.


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