False Teacher Alert!!! Ann Voskamp…Another Addition??

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Posted by Christine Pack

“What that first and catastrophic sin of ingratitude ruptured…union…can be repaired by exact inverse of the Garden: lifestyle gratitude …” (Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, p220)

A friend of mine read the above quote and observed thusly:

“The Doctrines of Ann Voskamp:

Original sin = ingratitude
Result = broken union
Answer = “lifestyle gratitude”

Let’s see anyone support THAT with Scripture.”

I am inclined to agree. On the subject of Ann Voskamp,  what I keep hearing is, Hey look, nobody has perfect doctrine, why are you picking on poor Ann? And my point is…..doctrine matters. As another friend noted on a rather frisky discussion thread on Facebook:

“Ann Voskamp makes it seem like Adam/Eve were ungrateful for all the Lord had given them. When in reality they were disobeying God’s clear command to not eat of the tree – they listened to the serpent twist God’s words and the doubt placed in their minds caused them to think they knew better for themselves than God did. Voskamp seems to be saying that just by living a life of gratitude, that will restore the union between God and man. There is nothing in regard to repentance for sinning against a holy God. Thankfulness does not bring escape from the wrath of God. True repentance brought by the Holy Spirit brings forgiveness and life. She done got the gospel wrong.”

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4 Responses to False Teacher Alert!!! Ann Voskamp…Another Addition??

  1. Bob Epic says:

    Since you and your friends truncate the implications of the Fall, you make Voscamp out to be a false teacher. Truncation is false teaching as well.

    Your friends are correct about the main theological meaning of the Fall, but they are wrong to think that that is ALL there was to the Fall. Ann Voscamp is not saying that ingratitude is the ONLY reason for the Fall, but is one reason she brings to the fore in this particular part of her book.

    Look at the Text of Genesis. The serpent asks, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” The implication is this: God is the creator of this beautiful world that he made for Eve to enjoy. God made all of the trees in the garden, and she has every right to enjoy their fruit. Despite this, the serpent told Eve that God didn’t want her to enjoy them. The serpent wants her to not be grateful to God for all these gifts. God created everything good in our lives: laughter, romance, family, music, beauty, and chocolate. The serpent says that God doesn’t want us to enjoy them—to do so might even be wrong. He seeks to make us ungrateful for the bountiful gifts in his good creation. He wants us to be suspicious of God, thus breaking union with God.

    But, as the classic hymn goes, “This is my Father’s world.” I am to be grateful for all his good and wonderful gifts.

    Again, this is not the ONLY meaning found in the Fall, but it is there, among the depth and layers that are profound in Holy Scripture.

    • Bob, thank you for your comment.
      Ms. Voskamp’s heretical teachings go well beyond the scope of what you have defended here.
      You state, “The serpent says that God doesn’t want us to enjoy them—to do so might even be wrong.” Really, Bob, this is not even close to truth. Just like Ms. Vodkamp, you are either deceived or disingenuous. Satan would love for us to indulge in all the world has to offer – to the exclusion of obedience to God. After all, Satan is called the “god of this world”. Ms. Voskamp reinvents scripture to fit her deceived point of view. I caution you to test the spirits before being ear-tickled by her. She, like the serpant of old, is quite good at it.

  2. There was no “Fall”, as we angels chose to come here to learn more about love given and received. Thus, this Earthly experience issimply a new base for a new “Ascension”. There are many pages in the Book of Life and and we’re not all on the same page. So when you finally realize that one persons OPINION is as good as the next, the word “FACT” turns into an acronym for “False Accusations Create Turmoil”. And, isn’t the real message “Love one another”? So, who are you to judge another? God gave each of us Free Will to explore the Universes, so each has their own path, way and light within. Let the Great All Loving (non-judmental) God of all the Universes be the arbitrator! – Blessings and Peace to whoever reads this.

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