‘Beyond What is Written’: What It Means to be in the ‘spirit’


The Evangelical Calvinist

I was just reading I Corinthians, and came across that sweet little clause from the Apostle in 4:6; you know: “… so that in us you may learn not to exceed what is written,…” Now in context, presumably, the Apostle is making a defense for his Apostleship in contrast to the false teaching and pseudo-Apostles who had crept into the church at Corinth. But there is a great principle here, and one that fits well with what it means to truly work within the ‘spirit’ of the reformed faith (and it is Barth who identifies this distinction of being in the ‘spirit’ of the reformed faith rather than the ‘letter’ which we all know too much of today, esp. in North America); the principle might be: that as Christians we are to sit under, in a ministerial way, (V. a magesterial way pace Luther) Holy writ, and understand our posture…

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