British Children Forced to Study Islam in Schools or ‘Be Branded a Racist on Permanent School Record’

sharia unveiled

Britain Islam in Schools - School

School wrote to parents telling them their eight-year-old children had to attend workshop on Islam – or be branded RACIST on their permanent record

  • Headmistress Lynn Small wrote to parents about multicultural school trip

  • She said children would attend workshop at Staffordshire University

  • Pupils would receive ‘Racial Discrimination note’ if they didn’t go, she said

  • Parents at Littleton Green Community School in Huntington complained

  • Staffordshire County Council stepped in and head had to apologise

by, The Muslim Issue – Worldwide | Harriet Arkell – The Daily Mail – UK

Parents today accused a primary school of trying to ‘blackmail’ them after they were told their children

would be marked down for racial discrimination if they did not attend an ‘Islam workshop’.

The headmistress of Littleton Green Community School, in Huntington, Staffordshire, wrote to parents

telling them about the school trip to a multicultural workshop at Staffordshire University next week.


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