Heresy Alert!!! The Gospel According To Oprah!

 | November 11, 2013 | Mary C. Kirchhoff 

Oprah is misleading a lot of people with her wacky views on Christianity. She claims to be a Christian, but her beliefs are indeed, very flawed. Recently I saw a clip of her talking about Jesus and she said Jesus did not come to die on the cross; that his meaning here was for the “Christ Consciousness,” whatever that means. I’m guessing she means he came here to teach us how to act, how to live and how to be Christ like.

That’s all very nice and comforting and eliminates the need for a savior. Just act like Jesus would, and you’ll be good to go. In clips of her promoting this nonsense, people are cheering and nodding their heads. After all, this is the New Good News. You don’t need Jesus as a savior!

Oprah also is on record preaching there cannot be only one way to God. This gets a lot of cheers also. And why not? There’s no need to worry about sin, or salvation, you don’t need a savior; just be a good person and you’ll get to heaven.

The problem with this is it is pure blasphemy. She is misleading millions of people and distorting minds. As powerful as she is, I find this to be kind of scary. And this isn’t anything new for her.

Years ago, in 1998 I wrote a letter to Oprah on the very subject. I never did hear back from her. Here is that letter in its entirety.

October 7, 1998

Ms. Oprah Winfrey Harpo Productions 110 North Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60607

Dear Ms. Winfrey;

My mother watches your show daily, and every once in while, just to see what the attraction is, I watch a little of it. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but frankly, why have you sold out on the Christian faith?

I believe I have heard that you were of a denomination of the Christian faith. It is very apparent to me in watching your segment, “Remembering your Spirit”, that you are clearly promoting new ageism. I refer to the gentlemen whose name I don’t recall, but the gist of it was that the soul should be following the Mother Ship, and if it is not, that may be the cause for unhappiness.

Wow. I am so outraged by this. You sat there teary eyed as your guest explained this phenomenon, and I sat there teary eyed wondering why you have decided to abandon Christian principles and buy into this nonsense. Maybe you have forgotten that there is One God, and his Son is Jesus, who paid for our sins on Calvary.

The notion that our soul is anything other than that, which has a final destination of either heaven or hell, is purely secular humanism at its best. The sad part of this is, is how many people you are leading away from Christ by promoting this. I’m sure that you think you are helping people, because you are living in the world as a worldly person with worldly ideas. Christianity is not the popular religion, so you have gone to what is popular.

Is it for the money, the ratings, what? Do you realize you will have to face God one day and His judgment, and answer for this? Oh, yes, according to another show I saw a while back, God is “cool.” Cool God. Sorry, Oprah, God is not cool.

The Bible says God is a jealous God, and a God who will judge. If you are offended by this, so be it, as the Lord said, “You will be hated for my names sake.”

I am merely trying to make you aware of what you are doing. You are a powerful person and have the ability to draw many people to you, but you have chosen the wrong path.

Please consult your Bible and you will find that what I am saying is true, and I hope you will realize this before it’s too late.

I will be praying for you, and your loyal viewers. God has blessed you; you shouldn’t mess with His doctrine.


Mary Kirchhoff

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