At 15…I Can Kill My Baby But I Can’t Buy Sudafed!


lifenewsUndercover video: Young teen girls can’t buy Sudafed, but Plan B ok |  by Dustin Siggins


WASHINGTON, D.C., November 12, 2013 ( – A newundercover video has exposed the fact that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are stricter for common cold medication than for the abortifacient drug Plan B.

In the video, created by Students for Life, women posing as 15-year-old girls attempt to simultaneously purchase the “emergency contraceptive” Plan B, and the cold medicine Sudafed. The “teenagers” are asked for identification, and when they say they don’t have any ID, are told they can’t purchase Sudafed. However, they are allowed to purchase Plan B.

“I thought I didn’t need an ID for Plan B,” protests the undercover investigator at one Rite Aid, after being asked by the cashier for her birthday.

In response, the cashier holds up the Sudafed and says, “I need a birthday for this medicine.”

When the girl responds that she’s only 15, the cashier shakes her head and says she can’t sell her the Sudafed.

“Ok, I’ll just get the Plan B,” the girl says in response.

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One Response to At 15…I Can Kill My Baby But I Can’t Buy Sudafed!

  1. Another example of how crazy it has become. When I discuss this with pro choice(actually pro death) they start screaming about a woman’s “rights”. But this subject is beyond just the issue of abortion. They are dismissive or forgetful of parental rights and responsibilities. In the high schools I taught we could not even issue an aspirin without parental consent but yet a minor can have an invasive procedure and buy abortion drugs. A minor can’t even get a filling at the dentist without parental consent yet can get abortion. I think it is the only medical procedure over which parents have no authority over their minor children.

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