Unholy Trinity: Islam, the Left, & the Willfully Ignorant

Unholy Trinity: Islam, the Left, & the Willfully Ignorant

November 7, 2013
Written by Audrey Russo
Those of us who are paying attention, are watching the once magnificence and majesty of Europe being gradually swallowed up into the quicksand of an ideology that came from much darker places than the nighttime desert sands. A tyranny that intends to finish the rest of the West in its global sweep. It’s a treacherous triad that has three well-known elements.

We first have the barbaric and tyrannical ideology cloaking itself in religion: Islam. Jihad, both soft and hard, needs little helpers. And sadly for those of us unwilling to comply … there are two elements ready, willing and able to complete this unholy trinity.

Now, most who identify themselves as Muslim, have not read the words or traditions of Muhammed (Quran and Hadiths), so their view is an incomplete one. Hence, their non-violent perspective toward freedom. But the devout followers who take the dictates of the Quran as holy marching orders … they are the dangerous, the pernicious ones, and they make up the first part of this terrifying triad.

Next, we have: The Leftists. Self-loathing, ungrateful, myopic, irrational teenagers who act exclusively out of emotion when making critical and permanent decisions. The kind of decisions that affect the masses. Their lack of wisdom is implausible and their aversion for truth like Superman to Kryptonite: They recoil at the thought of it. Their inability to deal with reality and their affinity for fantasy, causes them to be deceived by anyone who tickles their ear, strokes their ego, or feels their pain. And their love for deceit has blinded them from ever recognizing the truth. The perfect catalyst for a Trojan horse.

And to complete this tormenting trio: The Willfully Ignorant. The fools, the intellectually lazy … the gullible hordes who wouldn’t (not couldn’t) think their way out of a paper bag. The sheeple who will gladly build their own gallows … and volunteer as their own executioner. Their resistance to truth on any level, which is offered to them daily and free of charge … makes them the fertile ground to plant, nurture and harvest the corrupt fruit of this oppression: Destruction.

An unholy trinity aiming at the liberty that TRUTH delivers. And demanding to be worshiped by commanding all bow to its precepts … by any means necessary, draconian or not.

This terrorizing triad is present today in all democracies globally. We are seeing its strangling reach bringing down our cousins across the Pond, but its hunger for desolation is insatiable. Be sure of this: We ARE next. And we will be complicit … if we, knowing its MO, do not foil its progress.


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2 Responses to Unholy Trinity: Islam, the Left, & the Willfully Ignorant

  1. Kinda feel Europe is getting a dose of its own medicine for its history of imperialism and colonialism. They insisted in owning people and land in Africa,and Asia and are now getting payback and they don’t like it. Well for 400 years didn’t they get it what they imposed on others? This is not of course to justify radical Islamic behavior but just to mention why it is justification in their minds.

    • You’re sounding a bit like “Karma” is biting them in their hind quarters.

      No sweat. I get your meaning.

      Maybe this is why God says to love others as we wish them to love us.

      Europe is definitely “feelin’ the love”.

      All indicators are pointing toward our USA. That ain’t so pretty.

      Blessings Carl!

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