Justification: Infused or Imputed Righteousness? (In Honor of the 496th Reformation Day)

Reformed Baptist Daily

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Words carry with them meaning.  Some words have the ability to carry with them a mass of significance and implications.  That is why it is of great importance that we give due consideration to key words in the study of Scripture and theology. This is especially the case when it comes to fundamental doctrines regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ.  One word, carrying with it great meaning, can be the difference between truth/life and error/death.

The two terms before us, on either side of the dividing line between Reformed/Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics, are imputed and infused.  Those who have little concern for truth would likely balk at the idea that debate would ensue over two little words; yet, these words carry with them great meaning, laying out two very different views regarding the doctrine of justification, a…

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