On the Book of Romans


In what sense, then, shall we say that “law” has been abrogated?  Some conclusions are obvious.  Under the old dispensation, to do the works of the law was the sole ambition of the righteous man.  Under the new, his sole desire is to be received into that love of God which enables the “ordinance of the law to be fulfilled” (by God) “in us” (Romans 8.4).  Under the old dispensation, law held sway tyrannically in its own right.  In the new, it is a standard, subordinate to the redeeming love of God, which the Christian gladly adopts as proof of the genuineness of his own response.  “Formerly, law said ‘you shall.’  Now, the Christian says, ‘I will'” (Wernle).  Formerly, man stood or fell by the success or failure of his own efforts.  Now, he knows that, whatever the failure of his efforts, it will be made good by the triumphant…

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