Carl Trueman: The gospel is for Christians too


Theologia est doctrina Deo vivendi per Christum - Theology is the doctrine of living unto God through Christ


“Let us never forget that the gospel is for Christians too. We need to hear the Word preached to us, whether from the pulpit on a Sunday or in conversation with other believers. If a brother or sister is mourning, then let us not simply tell them that the death of their loved one is all within the will of God.

Let us not even stop with simply feeling compassion and sympathy for them. Let us also point them to the Lord Jesus Christ who rose from the dead. Death is an outrage, an illegitimate boundary. It is nasty and brutish. But the captain of our salvation has burst through that boundary and come out on the other side.

He is risen from the grave. And in His resurrection we see that, though we live in a vale of tears and agony here and now, where death seems to hold…

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