HERESY ALERT!!! Focus On The Family Promotes Contemplative Spirituality Practices!

Letter From Focus on the Family Confirms Past Reports – They DO Promote Contemplative Spirituality

October 17th, 2013 |  


[I]f you were to jump off a cliff with the intent to fly saying the word “fly, fly, fly” as you jump off and someone else jumped off the same cliff with the intent to hit the bottom saying “fall, fall, fall” as he jumps off, in either case both will hit the bottom. – Ray Yungen

Recently, Lighthouse Trails received a letter from one of our readers who sent us a letter she had received in 2012 from Focus on the Family after she inquired about their views on contemplative spirituality. On a number of occasions in the past, Lighthouse Trails has issued reports showing Focus on the Family’s promotion of contemplative spirituality. In more than one instance, Tim Masters (in the Office of the President), on behalf of Focus on the Family,  has written to Lighthouse Trails and/or LT readers expressing the organization’s acceptance of contemplative. Below is the letter sent out in 2012, which appears to be even more dedicated to a contemplative stance than in earlier letters (FOF 2008, FOF 2006) We have highlighted areas of the letter we feel are worth reading. With regard to Mr. Master’s argument of intent versus method, please refer to Ray Yungen’s article “Contemplative Prayer – Does Our Intent to Find Jesus Justify the Method?,” which addresses this argument. And with his argument that contemplative prayer is not the same as eastern style meditation, please read our article, “Will Assemblies of God Leaders Ignore Contemplative Evidence? ” and our booklet tract: 5 Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer?

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